App Designers

Hello, we are pleased to invite you to a wonderful event, will consider the fashion style and hairstyle of international music stars.

The fair will take into account various musical styles and genres, so that designers can be free to give rein to their imagination, inspired by one singer you prefer.

Each designer will have to choose who will represent, so who wants to be inspired by the unique creations of the fair. There will be 10 sponsors.
Each designer will have to make 2 creations exsclusive with the singer chose.

☑ SPONSOR: It ‘important to know that the singers you want to inspire your store, so that the singer is not assigned to the same sponsors, so please when you fill a notecard, please write which singer wants to present.
If more than one person will be chosen by the majority, the people on the team will inform the designer so that he can choose another singer.

☑ STANDARD SHOP: please write which singer you choose and attach the photo to the first floor of the singer in the notecard compile.

If you want to be a sponsor the participation fee is:
► 4000 L for 120 prims
If you want to store the standard fee is:
► 2000L for 60 prims

Postscript Each share shall be paid prior to acceptance, if your creations will not be ready for the day of the fair, your fee will not be refunded and the store will be assigned or remain empty.
We expect full cooperation of all.

We will work with the best bloggers, and the best websites for sponsoring the event, we will use a group to communicate with the designers and bloggers will be a fantastic event and we hope to have you on our side.

After your payment, we will send the Singer team group Fair Icon.
If you do not receive the group at 24 hours, please contact the stuff.

All news will be sent to the group.


♪ Pay by 10 november(2000 standard shop, 4000 sponsor)
♪ The LM will open on 17 november for designers.
♪ start on november, 24, 2012
♪ ends on december 13, 2012.


♬ Singer Application Icon Designer Fair!

The request to participate in the fair, complete the following form

♪ Store Item Name:

♪ Owners:

♪ Landmark:

♪ Site Store:

♪ Flicker Store:

♪ Logo shop:

Singer Chosen:

Image taken from Google that will be applied in your shop at the fair:
[ ] 60 prims → L $ 2,000
[ ] 120 prims  → Sponsor L $ 4000L(limited purchasing) *

* Duration 20 days

* Benefits to Sponsors

Enter the logo on our website with total preference
Preference for the location of his shop at the fair

————————————————– ———-

Create a new notecard and Rename
Icon Singer Fair (Store Name) and (Your Name)

Send this application to resident SingerFair in the world

After confirming their presence shall go to the next step


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